by Jamie on Purpose

I asked everyone I trusted what I should do, and they all gave me different answers. I was frustrated that no one could agree, and just tell me what to do. That’s when I realized that only I had been living it, only I knew what I was feeling, only I knew what I wanted my future to look like. It was my decision to make, and frankly, I was the only person nearly qualified to make it. Others could give me advice or guidance, but everyone’s perspective was shaped by their own experiences. No one had lived my experience. That was up to me.

Despite completely embarrassing myself, I wasn’t a weirdo; I just needed to understand and accept my definition of “fun” and put boundaries around things that I did not find to be fun. And that is totally okay. No one else has to validate that fun for me. I enjoy it, and that makes it a good use of my time.

In essence, a gratitude practice is the repeated, intentional process of feeling thankful for your life. The application takes many forms, but at its root, a gratitude practice builds a habit of looking for the good and being grateful for it. With a gratitude practice, a Bliss List, and a Joy List, I am equipped and empowered to craft a happy and joyful life that is true to me.