by Jamie on Purpose

A Terrifying and Freeing Truth: no one knows what they’re doing

It felt like everyone got a memo that I somehow missed. How do people know what they’re doing? How does everyone else know what choice is the right choice? The truth is that they don’t.

Every single person is making the absolute best decision they can with the information that they have.

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Big life dreams: the fuel of consistency

The world of corporate America (and let’s face it, adulthood) does not have the black & white rules of school. Since Awards Day doesn’t happen in adult world, I had to realign what my big dream would be. For me to stay motivated and fired up, I need big goals on the horizon that feel almost out of reach. Those goals are my fuel, the nudge that I need to keep doing the almost-impossible.

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8 Common Phrases to know for your first Vinyasa Yoga Class

Before heading into your first Vinyasa yoga class, there are a few common phrases that you will be glad you’re familiar with. Each class, teacher, and studio will vary widely in its experience, but it never hurts to know these universal terms, such as “Pranayama”, “Savasana” , and “Namaste”

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