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7 Signposts

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Most of us spend our childhoods internalizing a map by which we're expected to navigate life. Shaped by history---our families, religion, and society---this map tells us where we can and cannot go. Until one day, some part of it doesn’t fit us anymore. Automatically following the same road feels wrong, and it calls the whole map into question. If you feel discouraged or stuck, maybe even a little hopeless, that's okay. Nothing's wrong with you. It just means it's time to ditch the map and follow your own internal compass. 
7 Signposts shows you how to read your inner compass by posing seven decisions that can help you align your life with who you really are. At each step, you'll have the chance to choose. You can consult that old map, or you can check your compass and design a beautiful, aligned life that's intentionally crafted to fit you.

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"Jamie Hillman's debut is a treasure! This guide is packed with resources to use when facing life's toughest decisions. All of the exercises are immediately eye-opening and actionable, and I especially enjoyed the Core Values, 7 Whys, and Purchase Wish List exercises. I learned so much from this book! I'm excited to keep up with Jamie's future work!"
Rhiannon D.

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"If you're at the beginning of a professional career or setting out on a life of your own this book is an amazing tool in your toolkit and one I recommend starting with! 7 Signposts does you a huge favor by synthesizing research, tools, and guidance from a wide variety of sources and packaging it up in a well structured format so you can quickly get the information you need to start making decision on how YOU want to live YOUR life. The author shares personal stories and lessons learned that make the book fun and easy to read, almost as if you're sharing a cup of coffee with a wise friend. At each signpost you're given a series of tools or exercises for additional exploration and introspection to help yourself determine which pathway aligns best to you which makes this book extremely actionable. The author offers her own perspectives along the way but my favorite thing about this book is that rather than telling you how to live she provides you a guide for deciding for yourself." Victoria D.

"If you're trying to figure out "adulting" and overwhelmed do yourself a favor and pick up this book as a guide to begin designing your own approach to your life!"
Victoria D.

"If you're looking for a guide that gives you the tools to make decisions for yourself, rather than telling you what decisions to make, this is the book for you!"
Gabby B.

"This is a must-read for any young adult looking for their compass (and the parents and loved ones who support them)."
Heather F.

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I have two ambitions for what I want this book to be for you, dear reader. The first is that I want this to be tactical as hell: there are real tools and techniques and methods that exist in the world that really smart people have come up with. I have experienced using them and I am here to tell you that they can help you, too. I have my own spin on the exact application of how these things work in the life of an ambitious and intentional professional twenty-something woman, and I hope to bring clarity on ways that you can make your personal development so personal to you that you feel that you can take on the world and do whatever it is that you want to do in this life. I want to give you language that has helped me harness my negative thoughts, identify and stop destructive behaviors, and flourish in understanding myself. The right set of words strung together, a perfectly apt metaphor, or a painfully relatable story might be just the key you need to open your eyes and your heart and prepare to grow closer to being the absolute best you can be.

The second ambition is that I just want you to know that you are loved. Nothing is wrong with you. You are okay. You are enough. You can be happy. This is your life, meant to be lived in your own way. Keeping your eyes on your own paper is hard, and comparison is hard, and making the right decision is hard, and making the wrong decision is hard, because life is hard. There should not be shame in the difficulty. If it feels hard, if you're struggling, that's okay. Find some joy, find some purpose, find whatever you need to balance it out, but give yourself some grace and some love, because we're all here just trying to do the very best we can.

7 Signposts

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JAMIE HILLMAN is a multi-passionate, purpose-driven human on a mission to make the world a better place. Originally from a small town south of Birmingham, Alabama, she attended The University of Alabama before moving to Dallas, Texas, to become a software developer and management consultant.

Passionate about all things personal and professional development, she returned to her alma mater to teach before launching the Jamie on Purpose brand---helping ambitious, aspirational young women thrive and flourish.


The Contents

Side 1: Balanced Priorities
Side 2: Weighted Priorities

Side 1: Passion Is Innate
Side 2: Passion Is Developed

Side 1: Your Timeline Is Short
Side 2: Your Timeline Is Just Right

Side 1: Self-Love Is a Mindset
Side 2: Self-Love Is Action-Based

Side 1: Healthy Relationships Are Hard Work
Side 2: Healthy Relationships Are Easy

Side 1: Invest In Your Future
Side 2: Invest In Yourself Today

Side 1: Motivation Is the Key
Side 2: Habits Are the Way