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Ep 30. Conversation with Charles: Chatting with the one my book is dedicated to

October 3, 2022

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This podcast conversation is a special one, because I have my first ever guest, and it is the person to whom my book is dedicated! Charles, my fiancé, joins me for a conversation about his perspective on the book writing and publishing process, and so much more. 

Listening back to the conversation, I was struck by how often we talk about “ease.” If you’ve read the book or if you’ve listened to any podcast episodes where I talk about feminine energy, you likely know that I have been intentionally prioritizing following ease and flow in my life (instead of getting things done through force or pushing through a lot of friction), and it was really validating to hear that echoed in his view of my process.

Here are a few of the topics we covered: 

  • How we explains the book to people
  • His favorite part of the book
  • More details about my gifts love language
  • If he’ll ever write a book of his own

Enjoy this inside look at our relationship and get to know the man that I love so dearly, without whom the book wouldn’t exist – in every imaginable way!

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