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do you want your job search process to feel strategic *AND* authentic to who you are?

Landing your dream job without spinning your wheels for months means that you need to leverage tools, templates, and techniques. You're in the right place.

Let's start learning!

An understanding of what you want & need from your job

Strategic and authentic application materials (resumes, cover letters, and more) that actually get seen

A customized toolkit to prepare, research, and perform in your interviews

Knowledge for how to negotiate, accept, or decline job offers with ease and professionalism 

With over 7 hours of training

you'll walk away with

Confident that you are ready and totally capable to earn the job offer of your dreams!

you'll feel:

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After the interview, assess and respond to next steps, such as salary negotiations and the decision on whether or not to accept the offer. 

Navigate your Offer

Module FOUR

Learn how to *actually* prep for your interview, including how to answer the most common questions and nailing the logistics of virtual & in-person interviews. 

Rock Your interview

Module three

Build the resume, cover letter, and elevator pitch that a recruiter dreams of! 

Activate Your Application

Module two

Work through job search pre-work items to identify what you really want and need from a job.

Establish Your Essentials

Module one


Dream Job Accelerator

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Need something a little smaller for now?
The Résumé Reboot mini course is the answer!

A rebuilt résumé that follows best practices and showcasing your experience

An understanding of the role that your Experience Narrative plays across your cover letter, elevator pitch, and more

Tips and tricks on reviewing your own résumé and managing your application documents well

With over 3 hours of training

you'll walk away with

Prepared to create and submit your application to your dream job!

you'll feel:

Let's do It!


Learn the ins and outs of your professional online presence

Extra Tips: Linkedin & more

All about the what, why, and how of these crucial application documents

Deep Dives:
Resume & Cover Letter

The 5 step process to build your resume from the ground up

Rebuild Your Resume


Résumé Reboot

Get lifetime access for only $37!

Jamie has first hand experience of the tools and frameworks in this Learning Series, because it's what she used to land her jobs as a technology and management consultant. She then took those skills to her role as a university instructor, where she guided students through their internship and full time job search processes. 

Now, she's bringing all the goodness to you. A natural teacher, Jamie is engaging on video and the tools that she's created are effective and simple. 

Meet your guide

Jamie Hillman — Author, Podcaster, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GENIUS, And Dog mom 

Questions and Answers

how long should I anticipate spending on the course material?

You technically could watch all of Dream Job Accelerator in a day, but that would be a long day! You could plan to tackle one Module every week, depending on where you are in the job search process. 

is there a way to do a payment plan?

There is a payment plan option for DJA (3 payments of $79) and a pay-in-full option for $197 (save 20%!). For Résumé Reboot, there is only the pay-in-full option for $37.

how long Do I have access to the courses in the Learning series?

The plan for now is lifetime access! If you become a member and anything changes, you'll be the first to know.

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