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15. The Four Pillars of a Success Mindset

January 26, 2021

In today’s episode, we’re rounding out January – the season of goal setting – with 4 of the most interesting and provocative paradigms that I have learned about when it comes to “success.” Collectively, they make up what I call a success mindset.

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The four topics and their sources: 

  1. Growth Mindset – Mindset by Carol Dweck
  2. Passion is developed / Rare & valuable skills are the key – So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport
  3. You don’t have to be the best at everything – Talent Stack by Scott Adams
  4. Success is chosen, every day, through intentional habits – High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

I find value in all of these messages, and there’s a little bit more woowoo in me. So while I think all of these are true – with the central theme here being that you can create, develop, and choose success for yourself regardless of your starting point – there is some nuance. 

I truly believe that we feel drawn to certain topics, ideas, and problems more than others and that that is significant and purposeful. Similarly, we have natural aptitudes towards some skills versus others and some activities bring us joy more than others. So, while I do believe that you can develop any skill, you can also balance that with your intuition of what you want to develop, and not just because you think you should. 

This “success mindset” when paired with your curiosity and interest and joy is where you’ll see the most fulfillment.

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