The not-so-sexy side of “What sets your soul on fire” (and why it still matters)

October 26, 2020

It sounds sexy.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Maybe I’m just channeling Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire song (so with that stuck in your head – you’re welcome), now we can all agree there’s something cool about the messaging we’ve heard when it comes to the idea of fire.

But y’all. Fire hurts. It burns. It leaves those things in its path raw and painful.

Thinking about the things that set my soul on fire make me angry and sad, they make me want to yell at people I love because I’m just so burned up. Sitting in that fire, allowing the flames to engulf your soul, hurts.

So why do that? Why seek out the things that destroy you? Because the only thing worse than feeling that fire, is knowing that you chose to ignore it and not do anything about it.

Because I’ll tell you, you cannot sit with that fire and not do something. Whatever burns your soul is unique to you. Call it self-preservation, but you know you have to do something to calm the fire. It hurts because it’s your calling to do something about it. You have this passion because you have the experiences and the tools and you are in the exact right position to make a difference in whatever space it is that sets you on fire.

So yeah, it hurts. It’s not sexy. If you’re like me, you might cry a lot when you work on things that set your soul on fire. That’s okay. Maybe the tears even help to cool down that burning a bit. Do what you need to do, what your soul leads you to do.

Find what sets your soul on fire and pursue it.


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