A few of my favorite things (aka coupons!)

June 7, 2020

Here is a list of a few of my favorite things that I would love to share with you! Most of these are part of a referral program, so if you purchase through these links, I’ll get a little somethin’ extra too.

Happy browsing!

YNABGet 34 days free! My budgeting software that make me feel in control of my finances. I also love the community around YNAB! Pro-tip: YNAB is an acronym for You Need A Budget, and it’s pronounced “Why-nab” 🙂

Scribd1 Month Free! After a long time Audible member streak, I decided to explore alternatives, and I landed on Scribd. It’s about $10 a month for unlimited audio & e-book access. The catch is that not everything is available, but I’ve found probably 80% of everything I’ve searched for. The other 20% I can get on Audible or Kindle, and it’s still cheaper in the long run.

Home Chef$35 off your order! Before I started Home Chef, I would’ve told you I had no idea how to cook, and no intention of learning. Now, over a year later, I have learned so much and had delicious meals along the way!! I have tried a few of the other meal delivery services, and Home Chef is superior for its prices and quality of meals.

Primally Pure 10% off your order! Primally Pure skin care I was having regular breakouts with big, red, nasty pimples and the stuff my dermatologist had given me wasn’t touching it. Enter Primally Pure, and I’ve had maybe 5 pimples in 7 months! It’s all natural, woman-owned, and smells great. My favorites are the Cleansing Oil, Everything Spray toner, and Clarifying Serum.

Rothy’s$20 off your order! I have to admit that I did not love my Rothy’s when I first got them, but now they are my go-to flats for work! I have The Point style and they are a bit snug, especially since they’re made with plastic, but I love what the company stands for, so I was committed to giving them a fair shot. I’m glad I did! I ordered two sizes initially, and because of their partnership with Happy Returns, sending back the other pair was a breeze.

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