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Ep 34. I hate planning but love my planner [A Review of the Full Focus Planner]

November 7, 2022

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The primary reason that I love the Full Focus Planner is that you can totally half-ass it and still end up with a lot of benefits (although I doubt that line will ever end up in their marketing!).

Here’s what I mean:

For those of us who struggle with wanting to do things perfectly or get stuck in “all or nothing” thinking, the idea of committing to a daily planner (that, admittedly, has a lot of layers and moving parts) seems really daunting.

Maybe you’ve tried them before — just like I had — and they’ve never stuck, because they’re too time consuming or they don’t actually feel like they make your day go any better.

That’s where the Full Focus Planner does it differently: any amount of time + energy spent building out the planner gives you an immediate benefit. If you only have 5% to give, you’ll still get 5% of value added to your day.

That’s because using this planner actually isn’t an exercise in planning.

It’s an exercise in intentionality.

Setting your goals for the day and week helps you stay focused on what’s most important, and you use the planning part to help make those goals happen.

Using this planner system helps me feel way more prepared, focused, and present as I move through my days. I know that I have set myself up to work strategically and thoughtfully, and I feel confident that nothing is slipping through the cracks…

…and I believe it could be a great option for you, too! Listen in for all the details on the planner and its special magic. Even if you don’t want to get your own physical planner, you might take away a new practice that helps you set up your days and weeks with intention.

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