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Ep 25. 4 Topics that didn’t make it into my book (but are definitely worth knowing about)

August 30, 2022

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I wrote a whole book on what I would want to tell my 20 year old self, but here’s the thing: I couldn’t fit everything into the book that I would want to tell her! In this episode, I cover four more topics that didn’t make it into my book, but are definitely worth knowing about. 

I share all about…

  • How effort isn’t bad, and how I moved into a growth mindset and worked through some of my perfectionism, including the one word that releases me from procrastination
  • The concept of Feminine and Masculine energy, and how it shows up in the way that we work and live
  • How some things just can’t be rushed, and the beauty in that
  • The lesson that I’m constantly learning: I can trust myself

These are the types of concepts that are all in my upcoming book, 7 Signposts, so if you liked this episode, you’ll love the book, too! 

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