Ep 24. 7 Signposts: The reveal of my upcoming book’s title and more!

August 23, 2022

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Alert: title reveal ahead!! After 18 months of hard work, I am THRILLED to share with you the details of my upcoming book, 7 Signposts, which you can get on Amazon on September 27th! 

In this episode, I share…

  • The title, description, and excerpt from the cover of the book
  • Why I wanted to write a book and why I wanted to write this book
  • What I am hoping for as my book launches into the world

For more details about the book, including the cover design and the chapter overviews, go to Also, if you’re interested in receiving an advanced digital copy of the book, in exchange for an Amazon review during launch week, you can join our Insider’s Club at

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