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06. Is consulting for you? An inside look of the “expert” business model

November 25, 2020

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Have you thought about being a consultant, but you don’t know if it’s a good fit for you? Or maybe your company has consultants or contractors that you’re working with, but you don’t quite understand why they’re there and how that all works?

This week’s episode has lots of answers for you: everything you wanted to know about consulting but were too afraid to ask. All of these stem from my experience as an IT consultant over the last few years across 2 different consulting firms and 5 different clients.

The episode will give you some insight into the following areas:

  • Mechanics of the consulting business model
    • How consulting firms get hired and paid
    • What an SOW is and how it works
    • Day-to-day life of a consultant
  • Why businesses hire consultants
    • Expert specialization of skills
    • Staff augmentation
    • How Flexibility and Pay factor into this decision
  • Pros & cons of working as a consultant
    • The constant variability & change
    • Culture of clients
    • Adaptability and constant learning as critical skills
  • Plus a bonus “Mindset Secret” from inside the consulting world

You’ll learn why some people say that 1 year as a consultant is equivalent to 2 years in industry, and why adaptability is the most important skill for a successful consultant.

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