Thoughtful + Meaningful Gifts for everyone you love: Holiday Gift Guide [2022]

November 10, 2022

It’s holiday season which means time with family, great food, and gift exchanges!

I personally love the art of giving & receiving gifts (it’s my top Love Language!), and I try to be really thoughtful about where I’m spending my money. This list emphasizes gift options from small businesses, women-owned businesses, and/or sustainability-focused businesses, and brings some unique and fun ideas, too.

These are great gifts for others, and hopefully some fun ideas for you to add to your own wishlist, too!

*Some links are affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you purchase! All opinions are my own.

7 Signposts: Find Your Direction in Life’s Foundational Decisions

Where to buy it: Amazon for Ebook & other formats / for Paperback & Hardcover

Who it’s for: The twenty-something woman in your life who wants to find her direction in life

Why it’s a great pick: I wrote it! You’ll be supporting a woman-owned small business and making the world a better place in the process.

A Quick Description

This book is a guide for young women on how to navigate 7 of the most important decisions she must make to create a life that’s aligned to her. It does this by exploring the two most often debated “right” choices for each decision, and encouraging the reader to trust the compass, not the map. 
“Extremely actionable…a guide for deciding for yourself”
“…bought 5 copies for my nieces!”
“An antidote to indecision, overwhelm, and feeling stuck”

Ember: Smart Temperature Control Mug

Where to buy it: Amazon /

Who it’s for: Any hot-beverage-lover (coffee, tea) who wants to keep their drink warm without running back and forth to the microwave all morning

Why it’s a great pick: I use my Ember This is one of those small luxuries that makes you never want to go back to a “normal” mug.

A Quick Description

The temperature-controlled mug of your dreams. Controlled through an app, you can set the precise temperature you want to keep your beverage of choice (I personally like my coffee at 131*). There are lots of styles to choose from. I have the 14oz mug, and I keep it near the charging coaster most of the time when I’m using it. I’ve also interacted with their customer support twice, and both times were quick & painless, and solved my problem easily, so that counts for a lot!

Wool&  / Wool&Prince

Where to buy it: /

Who it’s for: The person who is natural-fibers-curious or just wants to look sharp in a new outfit

Why it’s a great pick: Helloooo merino wool! This small business figured out that the super-material of wool can be functional and look great.

A Quick Description

Wool& (women’s & children’s clothing) and their sister company Wool&Prince (men’s clothing) have beautiful, functional clothing. My sister introduced me to them a couple of years ago (thanks to their famous 100 Day Challenge) and I’ve slowly added pieces to my wardrobe, including 4 dresses, one shirt, a pair of leggings, and some bike shorts! While I haven’t completed the 100 Day challenge, I do reach for my Wool& clothing multiple times a week. Plus, the Facebook group is about the nicest place on earth. 

Primally Pure Non-toxic Skincare

Where to buy it:

Who it’s for: The person who deserves some extra self-care time with nontoxic skin care, body, and home products!

Why it’s a great pick: Small, woman-owned business making nontoxic products that are amazing. What’s not to love?

A Quick Description

Every time I use a Primally Pure product, it feels like a mini spa day. I love that they are all natural, smell amazing, and work great. My personal favorites are the Everything Spray toner, Clarifying Serum, Baby Balm, and Blue Tansy Body Oil. Some great gift ideas would be the Body Butter (Almond + Vanilla is my fave!), Rose + Mint Tinted Lip Balm, and the Facial Dry Brush.

P.S. Want a code for $10 off your first order of $50+? Send me an email or DM and I’ll send it to you via their refer-a-friend system! Notebook + Pens (for Morning Pages)

Where to buy it: Notebook on Amazon / Best Pens!! on Amazon

Who it’s for: Someone who is at a transition point in their life and needs a fresh new notebook to journal all about it

Why it’s a great pick: This journal size is perfect because it’s small enough to slip down in your purse or backpack, but big enough that you can fit a lot on each page.

A Quick Description

A blank notebook is full of possibilities! After doing my fair share of Morning Pages, this is the exact style of notebook that works best. I can fill up 3 pages in 30 minutes, it’s easily carry-able and packable, and the perforated pages mean you can tear out anything you don’t want accidentally seen. Bonus points if you get them a copy of The Artist’s Way, which is where the Morning Pages practice originates.

Ponyback Hats

Where to buy it:

Who it’s for: The ponytail-wearing sporty person in your life who wants the flexibility of wearing their hair how they want AND having a cute hat on!

Why it’s a great pick: Woman-owned, small business selling an innovative product that creatively solves a problem.

A Quick Description

Designed with a magnetic closure along the back, the Ponyback Hat allows the wearer to decide where (or if!) they want an opening for their ponytail to come through! I also love that there is very minimal branding, so you aren’t getting quizzed on a random sports team’s stats just because you liked the hat. This is an easy & interesting gift idea for those women who are a little harder to buy for.

Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Cups & Cup Holders

Where to buy it: Amazon

Who it’s for: Anyone who finds themselves getting their cups knocked over or wishing they had an extra set of cupholders around

Why it’s a great pick: Gender-neutral, small business, fun to test out upon opening, super functional

A Quick Description

I got a couple of these for my Dad last Christmas to use on his boat, and they work really well! All they need is a slick surface and they truly don’t tip over. While the product photos mostly show fishing and rugged-environment usages, the reviews also say they are cat- and child-resistant! We love a multi-use product.

Chirp Wheel

Where to buy it: Amazon

Who it’s for: The person who works out consistently and/or the person who goes to the chiropractor consistently

Why it’s a great pick: An awesome, interesting product that works for the whole family.

A Quick Description

Think of a specialized foam roller, and that’s what the Chirp wheel is. We got the 10″ Medium size a couple of years ago and have used it faithfully! We recently got the 4″ Focus size and it miiiight be my new favorite. It pops my back so well and gives a great massage. This size is also super travel friendly. Your sporty friends will thank you!

CamelBak 32oz water bottle that fits in your cup holder!

Where to buy it: Amazon

Who it’s for: The person who wants to carry a lot of water, and wants that bottle to fit in their car’s cup holder (a reasonable request)

Why it’s a great pick: Not to overstate it, but this is a big, double-insulated water bottle that is spill-resistant and has an attached lid… that fits in your cup holder!

A Quick Description

Can you tell that I spent a lot of time researching for something like this? This water bottle is a bit of unicorn. While it doesn’t drop down into most car cup holders, it is slim enough to nestle in there and stay put while you drive. 32oz makes it a great option for everyday usage, and the attached top is a bonus!

Custom Birth Month Flower Sweatshirt or T-shirt

Where to buy it: Etsy

Who it’s for: Someone who wants to represent many family members and has a particular affinity to plants or flowers

Why it’s a great pick: A subtle customization that is meaningful and minimal!

A Quick Description

I tend to shy away from too much customization because it makes donating/selling clothes harder later on, but this one is so cute and minimal that you wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s custom! The description says that some of the sweatshirt colors are 50% cotton/50% polyester (not ideal), but the t-shirts are 100% cotton! Mom, if you’re reading this… this might be your present this year 😉

Luxome Cooling Weighted Blankets

Where to buy it: / Amazon

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to feel extra cozy at night or has a hard time getting a restful night’s sleep

Why it’s a great pick: Once you try a weighted blanket, there’s no going back! Great for the whole family.

A Quick Description

Charles & I both have weighted blankets from Luxome that we use every single night! I got the small (8lbs) because I like a little bit of weight, but not too much. He has the medium (15lbs). Both are the Bamboo Lyocell + Minky style! The bamboo fabric stays nice & cool during the night.

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