by Jamie on Purpose

5 Tips to Write a Great Email (especially when you’re nervous)

I can’t count how often I have sat in front of an email draft, palms sweaty, reading, re-reading, re-wording, then re-reading again on an email that is very important. When I get in this knotty-stomach mode, there are a few tricks that I’ve relied on to make sure I’m still sending solid emails. Hopefully, these tips below will save you from having to send a follow up damage control / “what I actually meant to say was…” email, and let you focus on achieving your dreams and changing the world!

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You should be wearing headphones & more: Your guide to virtual meeting etiquette

Self-awareness in the time of virtual meetings looks a little different. Included are the ways you can put your best professional foot forward and remove the barriers that make virtual meetings ineffective. Topics include wearing headphones, proactive muting, leveraging the “Participants” view, checking your surrounding environment, and even more bonus tips!

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Behavioral Matrix: The only prep to need to crush your behavioral interview

I remember going through behavioral interview after interview, and it was always an exhausting process. I noticed a pattern in these interviews. Not only did nearly every question start with “Tell me about a time when…” but it felt like every interviewer was reading from the same script and wanted to hear the same type of story over and over. After a few rounds of feeling like I was coming up with examples from scratch, I decided to systematize. And behold, the Behavioral Interview Matrix was born.

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