by Jamie on Purpose

All choices are right and then they all become wrong: a mental model for decision making

All choices are the right choice for some period of time. This means that no decision is ever completely wrong; humans do not make choices that are not positive to them in some way, for some length of time. It also means that all right paths will eventually run out of their lifespan and no longer be the right path. It forces everyone to acknowledge that this idea, choice, decision will not last forever — there is no silver bullet. It removes the illusion of certainty by calling out from the beginning that this solution will have a shelf life and cannot and should not go on forever. 

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Repetition Retention Rate: a mental model for communication

A piece of information must be repeated a certain number of times for all people before it is retained; the repetition is a constant, the variable is the frequency with which the repetitions happen in order for retention to occur

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